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Developers aren’t the only ones protesting Unity Technologies plans to add runtime fees as several of the company’s employees have decided to leave rather than be a part of its new money-making scheme. Senior Software Engineer Jono Forbes and other developers who opposed the runtime fees recently tendered their resignations after the company ignored their advice and announced the pricing change anyway.

“As a unity employee until this morning, I assure you we fought like hell against this, brought up all the points everyone has, were told answers were coming, and then the announcement went out without warning,” Forbes tweeted. “Those of us who care are out — more resignations coming end of week.”

Meanwhile, Unity Technologies is being accused of malfeasance on Reddit after the company reportedly pulled its Github repository back in June. The company also allegedly amended the Unity engine’s Terms of Use to remove a licensing clause that locked developers into the Terms of Use that they agreed to when they first launched their respective games, thereby allowing Unity to tack on additional fees for titles that have already been shipped.

“After this behavior, are we meant to trust they won’t increase these fees, or add new fees in the future? I for one do not,” the Reddit post reads.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as the Unity drama continues to unfold.

Fonte: mmos.com

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